Making cities more liveable

Imagine a place where parking spaces are always nearby and available. Where pedestrians and drivers enjoy good access to the streets and car parks, the congestion risk is minimised and parking fees contribute to keeping the town or city safe, clean and well-maintained. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ve made it our mission, and we can help you make it happen.

We help you unlock your parking potential

We understand the challenges and needs of parking operators. For two decades, we’ve been empowering towns and cities to unlock their parking potential. We do this by offering a comprehensive suite of parking solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce overheads, and provide a seamless parking experience, ultimately contributing to cleaner, healthier and more vibrant communities across the UK.

This is your toolbox

We’ve developed solutions to support you in achieving your objectives, based on where you are now and where you want to go next. Combine a few or all of them, depending on your needs.

Electric vehicle charging

We enable drivers to find and navigate to electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the UK, and search for different EV connector types.

RingGo parking app

The UK’s no.1 parking app, trusted by 19 million motorists. It maximises revenue for you as it removes the costs of handling cash and maintaining P&D machines.

RingGo AutoPay

Car park barriers open with number plate recognition and payments are automatic via the app. It’s smart, fast and cost-efficient for you. Available in selected locations.

Pioneering an integrated tomorrow

 Driving the parking evolution with Google and Apple

You've probably heard about our mobile app, trusted by millions of drivers across the UK. However, we think convenience and innovation should extend even further. That's why we've partnered with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Now, you can find nearby parking spots and navigate directly to them from your car's infotainment screen. With Apple CarPlay, you can even start your parking session and pay for it with just a tap. Plus, you can extend your parking session (where available) from your mobile phone if needed. It's that simple.

The future is an Open Market

It’s a win-win for everyone

The National Parking Platform (NPP) is a DfT-funded ‘parking hub’ that allows approved phone parking providers to operate alongside each other in an Open Market. It reduces local authority implementation, management and procurement costs, and means that motorists can use their preferred app to pay for parking, instead of downloading multiple apps. Meanwhile, phone parking providers focus on delivering innovation to offer better apps and smarter ways to pay. In an Open Market, everybody wins.




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