Improve the parking experience with RingGo AutoPay

Do you want a seamless traffic flow in your car park? You might have already installed automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras at entry and exit points, but RingGo AutoPay takes it to the next level. Now, parking starts and ends automatically for drivers who have activated the RingGo AutoPay service – making queues, delays and frustrations a thing of the past.

Parking made easier than the push of a button

How RingGo AutoPay can transform your car parks

Are you fed up with long queues at car park entrances, the complexities of handling cash and low occupancy rates? These are some of the most common problems we’ve identified from working with local authorities and private operators across the UK. Now, allow us to introduce RingGo AutoPay. If you’ve already installed ANPR cameras, this service offers RingGo users a seamless parking experience. Car park barriers open with number plate recognition and payments are automatic via the app. By providing a superior service in your car park, drivers looking for convenience will stop circling the streets, minimising congestion and giving you better occupancy rates.

Touch-free parking with smart tech 

And this is how it works

To make this service available, you need to install ANPR cameras at entry and exit points. When drivers enter and exit, the cameras discreetly capture vehicle details, relaying a signal to our system. This signal becomes the cue, starting or ending their parking session. In a nutshell: drivers don’t need to do anything – it’s fully automated. And it only works when they choose to activate this service. We don’t force flexibility on anyone.


Effortless parking

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