Electric vehicle charging made easy

Today, our phones are cluttered with countless apps. Who wants to add another just to be able to find charging spots around the city? That's why we empower drivers to effortlessly locate electric vehicle (EV) charging points directly through the RingGo app, making it easier to plan their journey.

One app, dual power

RingGo provides a simple way to locate charging points, removing the worry that motorists may have about finding charging points out on the road. After a quick registration in the app, drivers can view a map of more than 5,500 EV charging points across the UK. They can then use the app to navigate to their nearest charging station.

Helpful for drivers, great for your town or city 

RingGo makes car parks and EV charging points accessible to more drivers at the touch of a button. Finding charging points can be seen as a hassle, but this feature will reassure both those who currently drive electric vehicles and those considering buying one. Electric cars play a significant part in the future of transport and are a great way to make towns and cities cleaner, healthier and more liveable.

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