Remove friction for drivers with the RingGo app

When you’re parking, you may be on your way to an event, stopping for lunch or visiting one of your clients. Spending time finding a P&D machine, queuing and paying with cash, then returning to your car to leave a paper ticket is slow. Parking and managing your parking session with the RingGo app is quick.

A much-loved solution

RingGo is the UK’s market leader in cashless parking, with almost 20 years’ experience in the parking industry. Our mobile parking app has a top rating in the App Store because it gives drivers freedom, convenience and confidence.


Reliable and available

Ways to park

The app is our most popular method of parking. Motorists can also use our text to park service by sending an SMS with their location and expected duration, having pre-registered their number plate. Or they may prefer to pay directly from their car console or call our interactive voice response (IVR) number. 


  • iOS / Android RingGo app

  • In-car parking

  • Online via our website

  • Call to park

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Explore more

RingGo Corporate

We also offer smart parking solutions for businesses in your town or city. This gives companies of any size the space to focus on what matters most: driving their business forward.

Electric vehicle charging

We enable drivers to find and navigate to electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the UK, and search for different EV connector types.

RingGo AutoPay

Car park barriers open with number plate recognition and payments are automatic via the app. It’s smart, fast and cost-efficient for you. (Available at selected locations.)