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With RingGo Corporate, you can focus on what you need to do. By digitising expense admin and employee parking, you can simplify your processes and get more control over your costs.

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Save your business time, effort and money

Your employees may need to park, but you don’t need to spend hours dealing with paper receipts and expense claims, or guessing how much parking is costing you. Use an easy and trusted service that simplifies all parking-related admin – for you and your employees.

How much time could you save?

Did you know that an average of 156 days per year are wasted on parking-related operations by a business with 50 employees? Enter your details to see how much time you could save with RingGo Corporate.

Number of employees
Number of parking sessions per week, per employee
24working days saved per year
Time spent reporting expenses 
11 working days
Time spent parking 
11 working days
Time spent on admin 
3 working days

Focus your effort on delivering great work, instead of dealing with parking expense admin. Get your business to benefit from smart parking today.

With RingGo Corporate, you get access to:

Flexible billing and payment options

Receive a clear monthly invoice no need to deal with individual parking expenses. Select a preferred payment method.

RingGo Corporate online portal

Easily split your account by cost centre, manage users, add time restrictions, view your parking or payment history, and check your invoices.

Mobile parking payments

Give your employees an award-winning app to find a parking space and pay in just a few clicks. No more paper receipts, expense forms or waiting for expenses to be paid.

Nationwide coverage

RingGo is the UK’s no.1 parking app with nationwide coverage at more than 17,000 locations in 500 towns and cities.


You can use RingGo on your phone, smartwatch or desktop – the choice is yours. Available for Android and iOS.

Electric vehicle charging

Extend the simplicity of RingGo to electric vehicle (EV) charging. Navigate to EV charging points and search for different connector types.

Customer support

If you ever need us, we’ll be there to assist you via live chat – or you can speak to an agent or contact one of our Account Managers.

Get more than a great mobile app

Easier admin

Receive all parking expenses in a single statement . No need to deal with piles of paper receipts ever again.

Greater control

Split expenses by cost centre or payment group, add or remove users, or set up restrictions via the RingGo Corporate online portal.

Improved satisfaction

Give your employees easy, stress-free parking and reduce their out-of-pocket expenses and time spent on expense claims.

Lower costs

Use our handy SMS reminders and extend parking sessions remotely when work is taking longer than expected to avoid fines.




towns and cities

130 000+

registered RingGo Corporate users


The RingGo Corporate package

Whether you are self-employed, have a small business or are part of a larger organisation, the RingGo Corporate package will adapt to your needs.

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