Nationwide coverage for your convenience

In the heart of the city? Tick. In towns and local communities? Tick. In car parks and on-street locations? Tick. It’s so easy to park and pay with RingGo.

Park at 17,000 locations

In more than 500 towns and cities

RingGo offers extensive coverage across the UK. Use the app to park in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol plus dozens of other towns and cities. With access to on-street parking and car parks, you can park almost everywhere with RingGo.

On-street parking

Get closer to your destination

The RingGo app shows you on-street parking options and takes the guesswork out of finding somewhere to park. Choose your location from the parking list or view it on the map. You can also see information about parking fees, restrictions and hours of operation.

Car parks

For convenience and accessibility

Some days, you’re in a rush and need to be sure of finding a parking space. Other days, you want to park near the shops to avoid the rain. This is when a car park is your best option, and the RingGo app can save you time and effort.

Wherever you’re going, use the RingGo app to find a car park near your destination – it’s just as easy as on-street parking. To make it even easier, we recommend opting in to RingGo AutoPay (where available). Car park barriers open with number plate recognition and payments are automatic via the app.

See parking near you

Whether on the streets or in car parks, RingGo offers convenient parking solutions. Discover nearby parking options with our parking locator. Easily search by RingGo location code or name, town/city, or point of interest to find the perfect spot.