What does it cost?

In some instances, we charge a convenience fee in addition to the parking tariff. The convenience fee allows you to benefit from RingGo services and enables us to continue to invest and stay at the forefront of mobility tech innovation. This means you’ll continue to get even better parking and charging experiences, business solutions and customer care when using our services.

See what you’re paying for

You may pay a convenience fee on top of the cost of each parking session – and costs for possible additional services. Please be aware that while you can see the total parking session fee upfront, the convenience fee is only displayed on the location details screen.

This is what you get

Experience our award-winning app

Registering with RingGo gives you access to all the benefits of the RingGo app. This includes cashless parking, electric vehicle charge point locator, in-car integrations and Customer Care support. Additionally, enjoy remote session extension, Start/Stop functionality, and RingGo AutoPay where these features are available.

If you wish to use the RingGo service for business purposes, we offer a corporate package that has a monthly subscription fee.

Full control over your parking costs

However often you park

Creating a RingGo personal account is free. As with other service companies, we may charge a fee when you choose to use our service.