Intuitive and connected

Having all you need in your pocket to manage your parking session is very handy, but accessing it directly from your in-car console goes even further. We partner with Apple and Google to give you the ultimate parking experience. After all, we’ve got connectivity and automation in our DNA.

Seamless parking experience

Your phone and vehicle, connected

Millions of UK drivers already love our mobile app for its ease. Now, we're elevating your parking experience by partnering with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means you can find and navigate to nearby parking spots directly from your car's infotainment screen. With Apple CarPlay, starting and paying for your parking session is just a tap away. Need more time? Simply extend your session from your mobile phone, wherever this feature is available. Parking has never been simpler.

Park with Apple CarPlay


Get the RingGo app

Download the RingGo app on your phone and create an account.


Check compatibility

Check that your device and your car can be connected.



Pair your phone with your car by following the operating system instructions.

See parking near you

Whether on the streets or in car parks, RingGo offers convenient parking solutions. Discover nearby parking options with our parking locator. Easily search by RingGo location code or name, town/city, or point of interest to find the perfect spot.