Go further with a full battery

RingGo makes it easy to find your closest electric vehicle (EV) charging point and even directs you to it. The in-app map shows hundreds of EV charging points across the UK, so you can avoid range anxiety no matter where you're going.

Locate nearest charging points with RingGo

Stay fully charged

You probably already have dozens of apps, why should you download more to do the same things? You can locate your nearest EV charging point and search by connector type with RingGo. The app you can trust to keep your battery topped up when you’re out on the road.

Search the in-app map

The faster way to find charging points 

Remember when there were hardly any charging points around? It was tough. Coverage is better now but they can still be tricky to find. The RingGo app helps you quickly locate your nearest charging points, just look for the green sockets on the map view.

Finding a charging point has never been easier


Find a charging point

You can see charging points in the map view of the RingGo app.


Select your connector type

The app tells you which EV connectors are available at the charging point, so you can choose the one that’s right for your car.


Navigate to it

Use the RingGo app to direct you to your chosen charging point.

See parking near you

Whether on the streets or in car parks, RingGo offers convenient parking solutions. Discover nearby parking options with our parking locator. Easily search by RingGo location code or name, town/city, or point of interest to find the perfect spot.