Open the door to an Open-Market 

An Open-Market puts motorists in control of their payment choices by letting them use their favourite parking app wherever they are. For operators, the rewards are even greater. Switching to an Open-Market ends the tender cycle, slashes procurement costs, drives digital payment uptake, and guarantees continuous innovation from suppliers.

Paying for parking should always be simple and straightforward. Open-Market is the way to future-proof your parking services, cut costs, and make that happen.

Everyone benefits from an Open-Market

When local authorities and private operators adopt this model, we all win. Moving to Open-Market means: 

  • No more arduous procurement – lengthy, expensive and labour-intensive tender processes aren’t necessary.
  • You make significant savings when customers shift to digital payments, reducing costs incurred from cash collections, processing, banking, fraud and vandalism.
  • Better products and services – app providers innovate and invest to win customer loyalty. Here at RingGo, we relish that competition.
  • A bigger choice of cashless payment apps for the drivers in your area.

Tried, tested, and trusted 

Open-Market parking might feel new, but it’s already a well-established model. Europe has led the way, and many drivers there have been happily choosing how to pay for their parking for over a decade. Meanwhile, the UK’s current tender model forces Councils to carry out regular procurement – but despite all your hard work and expense, motorists are still beholden to using one parking provider, whether they like it or not.

The single-vendor model will soon seem as outdated as a Pay & Display machine that only accepts old pound coins. Drivers expect choice and clarity when parking, and change is finally happening here in the UK.

Open-Market trumps the multi-vendor model 

Several forward-thinking local authorities are already rolling out multi-vendor parking models. In 2019, Cambridgeshire County Council became the first, followed by BCP Council and Manchester City Council.

Multi-vendor parking is a step in the right direction, giving motorists the choice of three or four cashless payment apps in an area – but the downside is that it’s actually more expensive and time-consuming for Councils, who aren’t yet reaping all the benefits that a model like this should (and can) offer. As well as repeated high-cost tender processes, there’s an added complexity to onboarding and management that comes from widening the pool of providers using this outdated system.

The sustainable solution is Open-Market parking, which instead brings investment stability, propels innovation in the sector, removes barriers to entry and, most importantly, results in the lowest operating costs.

Hit the Open-Market road 

Together, we can make parking better for everyone. RingGo is here to support and advise local authorities and private operators who are ready to join the Open-Market. To discover even more benefits, and what it can mean for your local authority, speak to your RingGo Account Manager or email