RingGo Launches In-App EV Charge Points

RingGo, the UK’s No.1 parking app, is rolling out* its latest app updates that allow iPhone and Android users to search for electric vehicle (EV) charging points within their vicinity.

With the increase of consumer interest in electric vehicles, this new feature allows drivers to view a map of over 5,500 EV charging points across the UK.  Drivers will be able to find the closest charging point and, through RingGo’s navigation, be directed to the selected charging destination.

“This new addition to the RingGo app not only reflects the growth within the business, but also shows our plans to support and push towards a more liveable future,” said Peter O’Driscoll, Managing Director.

“Finding charging points within the city can be seen as a hassle, but this new development will reassure both those that currently drive electric cars and those considering buying one, and is a positive step forward for our customer reach. Electric cars play a significant part in the future of transport and are a great way to make cities cleaner and healthier – we are glad RingGo can be a catalyst for this move towards electric mobility.”

The new offering gives users the opportunity to choose the correct type of charging point to suit their vehicle, with options such as;

  • 3-Pin CHAdeMo
  • Type 1
  • Type 2 (Mennekes)
  • Type 2 (Combo)
  • Type 2 (Tesla)
  • Commando (2P+E, 3P+E)

Drivers can also filter the search results based on supplier by selecting their preferred provider.

As RingGo is very much focused on reducing emissions and creating more sustainable transport nationwide, RingGo’s feature aims to promote use of electric vehicles by eliminating the worry drivers may have when it comes to finding sufficient charging points out on the road.

The development is part of the Group’s commitment to providing cleaner, healthier, and more liveable towns and cities, as demonstrated through world leading, award winning services such as RingGo’s Carbon Metered, Emissions Based and Net Zero Parking.  These are operational in Westminster, Islington, City of London, Tower Hamlets, Hammersmith & Fulham, Croydon, Hackney and Maidstone.

With RingGo’s 19 million UK registered motorists many more developments are expected in this space, not least as part of the Department for Transport funded National Parking Platform which has stated that supporting electric vehicle charging is one of its aims.

Why not download RingGo today for smarter parking? Join 19 million motorists throughout the UK and park with RingGo, the UK’s no.1 parking app.  Access thousands of parking spaces and EV charge points at the touch of a button.

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