RingGo PayLater

RingGo PayLater is now offered at certain car parks, allowing you to park and not have to worry about paying until you’re ready to leave.

The RingGo PayLater service works using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras by capturing an image of your vehicle as you arrive and leave the car park.  The image will pick up your number plate and the time you entered and exited the car park.

Whether you are running late for an appointment, are enjoying your day with friends and family, or just prefer the convenience of paying before you leave – RingGo PayLater has you covered!

When you’re ready to leave, open the RingGo app and enter the location code displayed on the RingGo signs.  Upon entering the correct location code, you will be presented with the time you entered the car park (as captured by the ANPR cameras) and need simply select the duration of your stay and pay before you leave the car park.

If you’re parking at a barrier car park, the entry barrier will lift automatically once your number plate has been scanned.  When exiting, the ANPR cameras will again scan your vehicle and the barrier will lift automatically once full payment for the duration of your stay has been made. The amount you need to pay is based on the time the ANPR cameras record your vehicle entering and exiting the car park.

If the barrier does not automatically lift on exit, it is possible that you have not paid the correct tariff for your stay.  Where reliant upon the ANPR cameras providing RingGo with the vehicle entry time, you must ensure you pay for the correct number of hours that you have stayed to be able to exit.  If this happens, don’t worry, you will still be able to pay any difference owed with RingGo by entering the same location code and selecting the additional tariff duration before making payment.

Should you have difficulty exiting the car park for any reason, please follow the instructions on the payment machines or exit barrier for help.

RingGo PayLater is available at the following locations:

Barrier car parks

Medway Council (RingGo location code):

  • Riverside Multi-storey Car Park, Rochester (59346)

Runnymede Borough Council (RingGo location code):

  • Runnymede Pleasure Grounds, Egham (16622)

Please note, this service is only available via myRingGo.co.uk or the RingGo app.

If you have any questions please see the Payments section in our FAQs here.