RingGo and ParkingPerx

With ParkingPerx, motorists are able to redeem rewards, or ‘Perx’ which can be used to pay for their parking. So, in locations where the solution is installed, motorists are able to park for free.

ParkingPerx is a loyalty solution designed to encourage people back to local high streets, by offering consumers ‘Perx’ in participating retailers, restaurants and other establishments which can then be redeemed and used to pay for parking via the RingGo app.

In order to pay for parking using Perx, motorists will need to download the ParkingPerx app, purchase items in the local signed up outlets, and then add their ParkingPerx Payment card to the RingGo app as a method of payment.  Once you’ve earned enough Perx to cover your parking, just use the ParkingPerx card as your method of payment for your next RingGo session.

ParkingPerx is currently offered in:

  • Sunderland

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