How does it work for Local Authorities?

ParkingPerx answers the call from local businesses to offer free parking but without losing revenues. The solution collects the rewards earned by Consumers who support their local High Street from Merchants and pays this directly to Car Park Operators.

The solution features a ‘stakeholder subsidy’ which allows local authorities and other stakeholders to top up the reward being offered by Merchants to help support the local economy and uplift footfall. This delivers a collaborative approach to reinvigorating town centres. What’s more the solution can accurately measure where the rewards are being earned and which businesses are benefitting.

Thus, we are linking free parking to direct spending in the town centre. What’s more, with our Mastercard approved contactless ParkingPerx Debit card, we can deploy the solution in under one day. There is no need for integration with your existing back office systems – Consumers simply use their ParkingPerx payment card to pay for parking like any other Debit card at your parking payment machines. We are now working in partnership with RingGo and ParkingPerx can be redeemed directly via the RingGo App for even easier and more comprehensive integration.

It’s a disruption of the traditional car parking model:

  • Merchants pay towards parking fees in exchange for uplifted spending in their stores.
  • Consumers are rewarded for supporting their local high street, redeeming their Perx to pay for their parking.
  • And ParkingPerx collects these rewards from merchants and pays these funds directly to car park operators.

Car park operators benefit from increased occupancy rates (and therefore revenues) due to the compelling offer of free parking. Merchants benefit from increased in-store spending, greater footfall and repeat custom. Local authorities have the option to provide a stakeholder subsidy which leverages measurable direct spending in the local economy.

There are even further benefits on top of this:

  • Smart Cities Insight and Analysis

ParkingPerx maps the consumer journey linking travel and parking data with activity on the High Street. This GDPR compliant data allows you to understand how your location is used and by who, when and where they come from, where they park and which Merchants they are engaging with which tells you WHY they are there. This allows you to learn about private car users, repurpose your high street and shape the future of your town centre.

  • Delivering on the Green Agenda

With ParkingPerx and our sister application TravelPerx, you can deploy a strategy that will deliver on your carbon footprint reduction agenda. The redemption of ParkingPerx can limited to edge of town / out of town parking, and with TravelPerx we can incentivise park and ride or park active initiatives as Perx can be used to redeem against e-bike / e-carriage hire, and e-vehicle recharging fees. What’s more, by learning about a town’s private car users and journeys, we can incentivise a modal shift onto public transport for at least some of those journeys and measurably reduce a location’s carbon footprint.