Mark at RingGo #MakingADifference

This is Mark.  He’s the Bid Manager at RingGo.  From day 1 of Covid 19 he’s been helping older, at risk and self-isolating people in his neighbourhood in Winchester.  As part of a community effort, he put leaflets through doors with his details on, offering help, and lots of them have been asking for just that. 

So what’s he doing?   

Going out early to do anything from collecting prescriptions to buying fish food (anyone with a pet will understand the essential nature of that!) and just being on the end of a phone-line or social media if someone wants a chat 

What’s his 1 a day exercise? 

Mark’s daily exercise is to go for a run, as he’s always done.  He goes in the evening when it’s quiet, to places he knows will be quiet too.  Sometimes his daughter Molly cycles with him, so she gets exercise as well. They also do Joe Wicks together with Molly’s classmates on Zoom. 

What does he like most about this time? 

The growth in positive community spirit.  And the fact (at least initially) that so many people were enjoying the great outdoors. The evenings are surrealthe streets are deserted. Generally, you just see other runners and can run in the road to aid social distancing. 

What would he most like to change? 

Mark hates to see so many homeless people still out on the streets.  His biggest wish is that some of the empty residences (Universities, etc.) might open their doors to help others.   


At RingGo we’re doing all we can during these extraordinary times.  We hope this story has inspired you, to think about what you could do too.