Jodie at RingGo #MakingADifference

This is Jodie.  She’s one of our Account Managers.  She was due to run the Reading Half Marathon on 5 April raising money for Alzheimer’s Society but of course it’s been cancelled. 

So what’s she doing?   

Jodie’s still going to run her first half marathon as part of her daily exercise – only she will be doing it alone instead of in front of her friends and family for support! She’s doing it because of her Nan and everyone else that’s suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.   

What’s her 1 a day exercise? 

Not surprisingly Jodie’s daily exercise (at the moment, at least) is running, and in between that doing her husband’s mini circuits which he’s set up in their back garden/garage.   She says she hates running – but that makes it even more of a challenge to run the 13.1 miles for the greater good and to help other Alzheimer suffers like her Nan. 

What does she like most about this time? 

She likes that were all in this together and people are really supporting each other – taking the time to keep in touch with each other through technology and just making the best of it.  Everyone’s missing out on something during this lockdown!  

Most importantly its taken everything back to basics and help us all focus on the important things in life – health, family and friends. Not to mention the added bonus of helping the environment and having a positive impact on climate change!! 

What would she most like to change? 

Jodie would like everyone to have more thought at this time and look at the bigger pictureThe small sacrifice of just staying in your home can save lives.   

She’d also like everyone to be kinder – to key workers and everyone that’s just trying to help.   

Please be kind…. 

You never know what others are going through.  


At RingGo we’re doing all we can to help during these extraordinary times.  We hope this story has inspired you, to think about what you could do too. 


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