RingGo Emissions based parking

Making cities cleaner, healthier and more liveable

Driving cleaner air

RingGo’s Emissions Based Parking (EBP) is changing the behaviour of motorists across the UK; reducing vehicle pollution and improving air quality, with none of the complex and costly infrastructure required for low and zero emission zones.

Using vehicle registrations, combined with information from the DVLA, the solution automatically varies parking tariffs, based on the emissions of the vehicle being parked.

Encourages transfer to cleaner vehicles

The implementation saw a 10% drop in the worst polluting vehicles and a rapid adoption of hybrid and fully electric vehicles

Quick and easy to implement

Emissions Based Parking requires no expensive equipment installation or Cap-ex investment for councils and boroughs.

Save the planet

The implementation of Emissions Based Parking has received widespread and positive media coverage for operators across the UK

Key Features

Key Features

  • Low cost way to incentivise environmentally friendly motoring
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Can target specific sites, areas or be rolled out across entire locations
  • Vehicles can be enforced within existing processes

“Reducing pollution is one of the City’s top priorities and all measures are being considered. Introducing a tariff that differentiated between higher and lower polluting vehicles was one such measure.

The new tariff had to be easy to understand and technically possible and RingGo delivered this. “

Kay English
Traffic Manager, City of London

How it works

The Emissions-Based Parking tool built by RingGo is incredibly powerful, allowing operators to tailor their emissions strategy to their own individual requirements. Using DVLA records the RingGo system can identify the emissions bracket for each vehicle attempting to purchase a parking session.

Based on this information the tool can build differential tariff prices. When the City of London launched RingGo EBP in August 2018 they chose a multi-level tariff implementation:

  • Environmentally-friendly cars pay less
  • Newer, cleaner petrol and diesel vehicles pay standard rates
  • The most polluting vehicles are charged more

Each time users park they receive a configurable message about the specific parking charges being applied as part of the Emissions-based tariff.