Alex at RingGo #MakingADifference

This is Alex. He’s one of our product owners at RingGo. Throughout the crisis, he’s been taking the time to lend a helping hand to those who need it in his community. He’s been assisting them by getting their shopping, as well as by being someone there to talk to in this difficult time.

So what’s he doing?

Like Mark, Alex is one of a few going door to door in his street helping older and more vulnerable people in his area – picking up food items for them and having a chat (at a safe distance), just to keep them company.

One old lady Alex helped, hadn’t had a cup of tea for three days because she’d run out of tea bags and didn’t know how to ask for, or get more. He’s a friendly face to lots of them too and has set up a 5.30pm daily “cuppa date”, having a natter with an older gentleman over the fence.

What’s his 1 a day exercise?

Alex lives in Chineham where’s quite a few nice little woodland walks you can follow around in loops, most running along little streams and nature spots. So he’s getting his fresh air via a solid, brisk walk each day!

What does he like most about this time?

Alex has lined up his next 10 books to read, which he’s challenging himself to finish before three weeks is up (stretch goal to read 12!). You’re never truly alone with books, he says…

What would he most like to change?
All the little things that have disappeared; getting a coffee, picking a place to visit on the weekend, heading to the pub for a drink in the sun, booking a table for a nice dinner out somewhere.

Just means he’ll enjoy them all the more when they return.

Thanks Alex!


At RingGo we’re doing all we can to help during these extraordinary times. We hope this story has inspired you, to think about what you could do too.