Please be mindful of scams involving false QR codes

We have been made aware of fraudsters placing fraudulent QR codes on parking signage which coincides with consumers being bombarded by fraud threats both online and in-person. Recent scams involving fake QR codes on pay-and-display machines that lead users to fraudulent websites to steal their details is one of the latest.

Motorists must be aware that RingGo does not use QR codes in any capacity to help drivers pay for parking. Instead, the RingGo mobile app lets drivers park and pay via a secure, encrypted service. They should also be aware of fake engineered websites designed to look like the RingGo pages and should be careful when registering card details outside of the app.

If a driver suspects they’ve found a sham QR code or fake website, they should register it to the council operating in the area so it can be flagged and removed.

We are also working with monitoring and search engine companies to ensure fake websites are removed as quickly as possible.

If you are affected by a scam, please contact RingGo customer services, who can assist you in checking if your account has been compromised and help support refund claims.